Your Guide to The Best Coffee Shop in Serpong

As a resident in the area and coffee people, I’m glad to see a lot of new coffee shops open. Not all coffee shops have a great coffee, some of them is just selling cozy place to hangout. But, thankfully there are still some coffee shops managed to have great coffee and great ambiance. I listed my version of 7 best coffee shops in Serpong as your guide before you pay a visit to this not-so-suburb-anymore.

1. Tanamera Coffee Roastery
The two storage unit in Summarecon Digital Center is the best place to hangout or meeting or even just doing your work. In my opinion, the first level is the place for you to do your meeting or doing your work while second level is the place if you’d like to catch up with your friends.Other than great ambiance and cozy place, Tanamera Coffee also offers great coffee! Usually they will have at least 2 single origins and 1 espresso blend. My all time favourite is their Flat White with Papua beans!tanamera coffee roasteryLocation: Scientia Square Park, Summarecon Digital Center, Gading Serpong.
Instagram: @tanameracoffee

2. Scandinavian Coffee Shop
This coffee shop is the real hidden gem in Gading Serpong! If you’re unfamiliar with Gading Serpong area, it might be a little bit hard to find this place. But! Once you found it, you’ll be addicted! The place has indoor and outdoor space for smokers and non smokers. Last time I checked, they are expanding to the second level as they are getting more crowded! Be sure to also visit this place if you’re around!scandinavian coffee shopLocation: Ruko Graha Boulevard D/15, Gading Serpong
Instagram: @scandinaviancoffeeshop

3. Flow Coffee
The first thing I noticed from this coffee shop is “where is the coffee machine?”. Kinda funny yea as for most coffee shops will place their machine as visible as possible. Flow Coffee may not so big but their second level is cozy enough for you to hangout with friends!flow coffeeLocation: Ruko Blitz B/6, Gading Serpong
Instagram: @flowcoffee

4. Tobi’s Coffee & Tea
This newly opened coffee shop is also awesome! Mostly decorated in soft wood color, black and white, Tobi’s Coffee & Tea is the place for you and some of your close friends to hangout. Why? Because most of their tables are for max of 3 pax and the table is attached to the wall which you can’t move. But the place is cozy enough as they also have a bar top table which can fit up to 8 pax.In case there is any flat whiter, Flat White may not be in their menu but the barista is able to make it for you!tobis coffee serpong flat whiteLocation: Ruko L’Agricola C/11, Gading Serpong
Instagram: @tobiscoffeeandtea

5. Five Times Coffee
If you’re working around Gading Serpong and looking for your daily dose of caffeine, this is the place!! They open the earliest compared to other coffee shops around and close the earliest too. Located just opposite of Sinpasa Modern Market, Five Times Coffee has (I think almost) all coffee beans from around Indonesia. Just look at the beans jars on their shelves! Isn’t it amazing??five times coffee serpongLocation: Ruko Pasar Modern Sinpasa SG3/16, Gading Serpong
Instagram: @fivetimescoffee

6. Monomania Coffee House
Another newly opened coffee shop! Monomania also offers few coffee beans from around the world. When I paid a visit, they have Purple Haze beans which taste sooo fruity and I love it! The owner and barista has been working in coffee shop in Sydney before coming back to Indonesia and open her own coffee shops. So.. You’re in a good hand!monomania coffee houseLocation: Ruko Mendrisio 3 B/63, Gading Serpong
Instagram: @monomaniacoffee

7. Algorithm Coffee and Dessert
Last but not least.. It’s Monomania’s neighbour! Located nearby Monomania, Algorithm has various interesting beverage including great coffee! Other than coffee, their speciality includes dessert. Their carrot cake is a killer! Also, the minimalist design with just white bricks and touches of greyscale makes this place is so great and beautiful!algorithm coffee serpong greentea madnessLocation: Ruko Mendrisio 3 B/19, Gading Serpong
Instagram: @algorithmcoffeeshop

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