What to do in Bugis?

Food and art. Two things we can find around Bugis area. The famous street in Bugis is Haji lane, located at the side of North Bridge Road. If we go to the other side of the road, which is along Victoria Street, we’ll pamper our eyes with street art and our tummy with good food.

Walking few hundreds meter from Bugis MRT (exit A), you’ll see a grafitti of a girl and a cat.
If we come here before 12pm, especially on the weekend, we’ll see people queueing on the right side in front of a cupcake shop named Fluff Bakery. Offering 6 different cupcake flavours @ S$4 such as Nutella Red velvet, Salted Caramel, Explosive Peanut Butter & Grape Yakult Jelly, etc. Less than two hours after opening the shop for the day, it’s all sold out! I guess it’s worth a try!
Few shops ahead, there is another cake shop which has a very interesting design..
Back to the main road, walk down for about 100 meters, there is Symmetry (café by day, restaurant bar by night) located at jalan Kubor. Perfect place for brunch on Saturday!
After making the tummy happy, walk about 100 meters down the main road. You’ll see a very interesting street art of two kids sitting in the trolley. Childhood memory!
Standing in front of this art, look up…
And look to the left…
Going here without peeking Haji Lane? No.

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