Toko Kopi Tuku Cipete

We can’t ignore the current fame of iced milk coffee. One of the most famous and the best iced milk coffee is from Toko Kopi TUKU (TUKU Coffeeshop). Their superstar is the Es Kopi Susu Tetangga (or… hmm.. neighbourhood iced milk coffee?). Basically, it’s a milk coffee. It indeed has a great taste. As a non sweet lover (actually I’m a former sweet freak), it is too sweet for me.

Toko Kopi TUKU has 2 outlets, one at Cipete and another at Pasar Santa. I visited their Cipete outlet. Most people bought the coffee for takeaway due to limited seats available. Yes, sadly, it is a very small coffeeshop 🙁

But it’s worth a try!

Toko Kopi Tuku
Jl. Cipete Raya Blok B No.7
Cipete, Jakarta Selatan

Opening hours: Sunday – Friday 7am – 10pm

Instagram: @tokokopituku

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