The First Step

Just like a coin, every single thing in life has two sides. Every side has a story, every choice we make has an ending, everything has its own risk and it takes courage and faith to take the first step.


As far I can tell, it is indeed not easy to take the first step because when you do, something in your life has changed. That first step has already brought you to a whole new dimension outside of your comfort zone. It can feel like one long dark scary tunnel, but you will surely come out at the other side and what’s been waiting there might be glorious.

Some people are scared to change. We should not be scared to change because sometimes, change is good.

For me, living abroad since I was (almost) 17 has taught me a lot of things — how to be independent, how to appreciate every moment, how to stand up for myself and how to always take care of myself — , met new people with different characteristic and seen the world. So I would say, coming back home (even for temporary and I don’t know how long I’ll be home) isn’t easy. There are some adjustments needed but I’m sure this will be exciting and there is no better place than home, isn’t there?

So, yes I’ve come to another new intersection in life and well, no matter how many intersection we’ve been, there is the same feeling we will always have — sad, excited, happy, scared and some other indescribable feeling.

Little red dot, I’ll be back!!

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