7 Essential Life Lessons I learned in 2014

It’s the final month of the year. The last 31 days in 2014. Well, every ending is the new beginning. This year, I have to end a lot of things and start a new chapter of life. And these are the 7 essential life lessons I learned in 2014: 1. Life is a bitch Life

The Shitty Stuff I’m Grateful For

Happy Thanksgiving! I came across a thought from Thought Catalog (again) that got me think really hard. It’s really easy to be grateful on great stuff and complain on shitty stuff that going on in your life. What if, those two are combined together? How can we be grateful on shitty stuff? I challenged myself

Honor who you are

Fake it till you make it. A common thing to say perhaps. But, does it do real good to you? We live in a big world with people have so many expectations on us. And without we even notice, we make expectations to ourselves too. But, what do these expectations do to us? We live

19 Things About People who Love Spending Time Alone

There are 2 kind of people’s personality in the world, extrovert and introvert. Extrovert people are most likely easy going people, love the crowd and going in a big group of people. Whilst introvert people are most likely shy and like to spend their “me-time” or alone time. I’ve done personality test twice. The results were