BOR Coffee Jakarta

BOR Coffee or Brew of Relation is a coffeeshop located in Sunter, North of Jakarta. BOR Coffee is opened by 3 friends. They made this coffeeshop as their basecamp, so there was where the name came from! 🙂 BOR Coffee / Brew of Relation Jl. Sunter Permai Raya blok C No.25 Sunter, North Jakarta Instagram:

Homebound Coffee Jakarta

Opened by a couple who love coffee so much, Homebound Coffee is a garage that was made into a coffee shop. Homebound Coffee is considered a small coffeeshop, it can only take 10 – 15 people at once. But, as it is part of a home, it does feel cosy and homey in there. 🙂

Simetri Coffee Roasters Puri Indah Jakarta

A new coffee shop that just opened this year in the West Jakarta. Simetri Coffee is located in the housing area of Puri Indah. Simetri Coffee Roasters wasn’t too small but it’s a nice and comfy place to hangout! As usual.. I ordered Flat White (IDR32k) and my friend ordered Manual Brew Flores (IDR40k). Both are great coffee

Pigeonhole Coffee Bintaro

Why Pigeonhole Coffee? I think because it’s located near Pigeon Street. This small cute looking coffeeshop is really the “IT” place if you’re going around Bintaro area! There are few cute photo spots in this cafe as well as Kinfolk and Frankie Magazines #simplybecauseitscurrentlyamust Coffee wise, Pigeonhole Coffee doesn’t have Flat White but their cappuccino is

Beecy Coffee Jakarta

Bicycle + Caffeine * Beans + Cycling = BC. Beecy Coffee Jakarta is not your usual coffee shop. You’ll see a lot of bikes and you might think that this is a bike shop. No. This is actually a coffee shop too. For cycling, coffee and culinary lover, you would LOVE this place! Just like their

But First Coffee Jakarta

Finding this gem was half easy and half hard. Even once you found the place itself, you’ll walk inside the place and still wondering where But First Coffee Shop is. Don’t worry just walk all the way in and you’ll find this cosy coffee shop! From the name itself, it’s like a reminder that to

Goni Coffee Kemang

Another hidden gem in Kemang area! As shown in the picture below, Goni Coffee Kemang is situated in the middle of other small shops. From the size of it, yes it is so small. But, never judge a coffee shop by its size! They serve a great coffee and the friendly barista will greet you

Coffee Smith Jakarta

Had a chance to drop by to this coffee shop located in Mampang area. If you do not look closely or not paying attention, you won’t find it because they only have their name written on the window 🙂 First impression of this coffee shop is their big coffee roasting machine followed by their friendly