Revisited Cacaote

I’ve visited Cacaoté previously and I revisited it again recently! Being said in my first post about Cacaote that I would be back again for more dessert, it finally happened! I tried several dessert. As usual, the ambience is always great! With cozy sofas/chairs and french music playing in the background, I felt like I’m in

Commune Cafe & Bistro

Located just above Crematology, Commune Cafe & Bistro is another great hangout place! The place may not be very big, but it’s definitely a cozy place to chill after working or brunch over the weekend. Started as a furniture shop in Singapore, Commune Cafe & Bistro decided to open in Jakarta using the same name.


If you are looking for a cozy place to hang out, this coffee shop located at Jalan Suryo No.25 is the place! Not only offering a great place to spend your Saturday morning, but it also offers great coffee because Crematology is the result of a deeply rooted belief that a coffee company can stay true


A French restaurant located in Senopati Road, South Jakarta. The moment you walk in, it feels like walking in to a castle. The decoration inside is really pretty – classic modern interior. The best thing here is their dessert but I also tried their lunch menu – Goat Cheese Pizza.

Colette & Lola

A cakes and dreams concept inspired by the tale of two whimsical sisters driven by their love of all things sweet. Colette and Lola, two french sisters who are so much alike and yet so different. Each unique in their own way but share a similar passion- exquisite cakes. While both sisters are witty and