Madre Arbanat Cafe Gading Serpong

Spotted. New cafe in town! Its name is Madre Arbanat or in English it means Mother of Cotton Candy. Madre Arbanat is located in Gading Serpong, near Pahoa School and it’s kinda located opposite of Turning Point Coffee actually. Their signature food is the Paoger which is a cute animal bakpao bun made into a shape of burger. For

Braga Punya Cerita Cafe

Jalan Braga is probably the most happening place in Bandung currently! The street has changed and it looks like Jalan Legian Bali. Along this street, you will find a lot of food places – from traditional food to mouth watering dessert. Also, the crowd in Jalan Braga is still acceptable on Saturday night due to (I

Pasar Cisangkuy Bandung

In Indonesia, when people hear the word “Pasar” or market, people intend to think that it’s dirty, smelly and wet market. People have to really change their mind. These days, the word Pasar does not necessarily mean wet market. For example, Pasar Santa in Jakarta which is currently a happening place to eat or Pasar Cisangkuy

Ozumo Gading Serpong

This is probably, the latest hip place in Gading Serpong area! Dominated with wood and Japanese feeling, Ozumo offers Japanese food – from Sushi, Japanese Curry, Bento, etc. Also, they have various cute dessert that is so instagramgenic. All food and beverage here is so affordable!

Dia.Lo.Gue Artspace

This may not be a new place but this certainly is a fun place to hang on the weekend! Combination of art and food has really a good ambiance for working or sipping a cup of tea with book on hand.

Joglo Market Vol.II

It’s a long weekend and had a chance to pay a visit to vintage market. This time, it’s Joglo Market Vol.II held at Joglo Beer, Joglo@Kemang (beside TPU Jeruk Purut). Joglo@Kemang is basically so Javanese. They are divided into few areas – such as Waroeng Solo, Joglo Beer, Balai Sarwono, etc.

Jajan Di Pasar Santa

Market is identical with fishy smell, dirty, not for youth, and the only place that nobody will hang out at. BUT, this market proved it wrong! Santa Market (or known as Pasar Santa in Indonesian) is a most happening market for youth and the hippest place to hang out at. Located in South Jakarta, Pasar