Beecy Coffee Jakarta

Bicycle + Caffeine * Beans + Cycling = BC. Beecy Coffee Jakarta is not your usual coffee shop. You’ll see a lot of bikes and you might think that this is a bike shop. No. This is actually a coffee shop too. For cycling, coffee and culinary lover, you would LOVE this place! Just like their

But First Coffee Jakarta

Finding this gem was half easy and half hard. Even once you found the place itself, you’ll walk inside the place and still wondering where But First Coffee Shop is. Don’t worry just walk all the way in and you’ll find this cosy coffee shop! From the name itself, it’s like a reminder that to

Goni Coffee Kemang

Another hidden gem in Kemang area! As shown in the picture below, Goni Coffee Kemang is situated in the middle of other small shops. From the size of it, yes it is so small. But, never judge a coffee shop by its size! They serve a great coffee and the friendly barista will greet you

Common Grounds Jakarta

You’ve probably heard of Common Grounds for so long! You may also hear that they have great brunch food and coffee. Well.. I’m just confirming things. 1. They do have great brunch food 2. Their coffee is okay though I’m kinda disappointed with their Hot Mocha. Gibraltar Coffee or Piccolo Latte (IDR 30k) Breakfast Burrito

Crematology PX Pavilion

The new branch of Crematology Coffee Roasters is located at PX Pavilion. I like Crematology at PX Pavilion because it involves a lot of sunlight compared to their first shop at Senopati. Decorated with black big window and wooden furniture, this Crematology shop is so photogenic especially during the day as the sunlight goes in and makes a beautiful shadow!

Madre Arbanat Cafe Gading Serpong

Spotted. New cafe in town! Its name is Madre Arbanat or in English it means Mother of Cotton Candy. Madre Arbanat is located in Gading Serpong, near Pahoa School and it’s kinda located opposite of Turning Point Coffee actually. Their signature food is the Paoger which is a cute animal bakpao bun made into a shape of burger. For

Pasar Cisangkuy Bandung

In Indonesia, when people hear the word “Pasar” or market, people intend to think that it’s dirty, smelly and wet market. People have to really change their mind. These days, the word Pasar does not necessarily mean wet market. For example, Pasar Santa in Jakarta which is currently a happening place to eat or Pasar Cisangkuy

Dia.Lo.Gue Artspace

This may not be a new place but this certainly is a fun place to hang on the weekend! Combination of art and food has really a good ambiance for working or sipping a cup of tea with book on hand.

Jajan Di Pasar Santa

Market is identical with fishy smell, dirty, not for youth, and the only place that nobody will hang out at. BUT, this market proved it wrong! Santa Market (or known as Pasar Santa in Indonesian) is a most happening market for youth and the hippest place to hang out at. Located in South Jakarta, Pasar