Verve Beach Club Lombok

If you’d like to see sunset around Senggigi Beach, Verve Beach Club may be one of great cosy spot for it! Except… As Senggigi Beach is located at the fisherman areas, the view from sunset spot in Senggigi Beach is kinda covered by the fisherman’s boat. Nevertheless, Verve Beach Club is kinda a nice place

Aranzi Aronzo Cafe Indonesia

A cafe full with cuteness is the perfect line to describe this cafe. Located at the most happening mall in town, Central Park, Aranzi Aronzo Cafe might not be as big as you imagined it would be but it’s a kinda cosy place. They are not only selling food but also some cute merchandise/stationary. Their

Six Degrees Coffee Drinkers

Dominated with wood and black which emphasising its cozy side, Six Degrees Coffee Drinkers is a lovely place to hang out in Serpong or Tangerang area.  The derivation of the cafe name “6 Degrees” came from the “six degrees of separation” theory that says a chain of “a friend of a friend” statements can be made to

Nanny’s Pavillon Summarecon Mal Serpong

Nanny’s Pavillon, a conceptual French American restaurant that first opened its door in Bandung, is now opened in Summarecon Mal Serpong with another new concept, FAMILY ROOM! It’s not the first time for them to be in Tangerang area as they also have a branch in Flavor Bliss, Alam Sutera with BARN concept.

What to do in West Borneo

Had a chance to visit the equator city in Indonesia, Pontianak. Located in the west borneo, this city is extremely hot compared to Jakarta. The airport is still very old and small but they’re building a new one which is bigger and more modern. There might not be a lot of things to do here

Gayo Coffee

Probably the most forward looking cafe in town! Why? They have the coolest way to order food which is by monitor on every table. The interactive monitor screen is not only for their menu, but also contains informations about coffee. It’s not the first time I use a tablet/monitor to order food as some Singapore’s F&B

The People’s Cafe

The People’s Cafe (formerly  named Ismaya Catering Cafe) is a modern-day cafe that is suitable for everyone. It’s the place where customers can have informal meetings, hang out with friends and colleagues, or spend quality time with their family. In Bahasa Indonesia, The People’s Cafe literally means Kafe-nya semua orang. Therefore, I guess, they have several

Mugshot Coffee Legian Bali

Owned by an Australian since 2009, Mugshot Coffee is the best way to start your day. If you happen to stay around Legian, you should come to this coffee shop in Padma Utara Street. They have great coffee, good ambiance and full of mugshot everywhere, including my coffee. It is indeed a hidden gem in this area

Romeos Bar & Grillery Legian Bali

Romeos Bar & Grillery is located directly below Ossotel, a hotel that just opened in 2013, in Padma Utara Street, Legian. Although, it is part of the hotel, Romeos’ location has a direct access from the street and with an open concept making it feel like a regular eatery. I found Romeos Bar & Grillery when I was walking

The Perfect Getaway Island

I always want to go to Lombok, especially to Gili Islands since a lot of people also said that it’s the most beautiful place in Lombok. There are 3 Gili Islands – Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan. The largest is Gili Trawangan, and recently it finally happened! And it is indeed the perfect getaway island!