Your Guide to The Best Coffee Shop in Serpong

As a resident in the area and coffee people, I’m glad to see a lot of new coffee shops open. Not all coffee shops have a great coffee, some of them is just selling cozy place to hangout. But, thankfully there are still some coffee shops managed to have great coffee and great ambiance. I

Flow Coffee Gading Serpong

Flow Coffee is not part of the new comer in Gading Serpong. It’s been a while but I just got a chance to pay a visit! First thing I noticed when I walked in was “where is the coffee machine?”. Yea, they put the coffee machine at the back due to water pipe issue 😀

Vetro Coffee Seogwipo

The 15 years old coffee shop does really have great coffee! Vetro Coffee may be small but never judge a coffee shop by its size! They have their own roasting machine. Jeon, the owner, will always roast the coffee by himself. He takes the time to really take care the process and maintaining the taste in

Beecy Coffee Jakarta

Bicycle + Caffeine * Beans + Cycling = BC. Beecy Coffee Jakarta is not your usual coffee shop. You’ll see a lot of bikes and you might think that this is a bike shop. No. This is actually a coffee shop too. For cycling, coffee and culinary lover, you would LOVE this place! Just like their

Dia.Lo.Gue Artspace

This may not be a new place but this certainly is a fun place to hang on the weekend! Combination of art and food has really a good ambiance for working or sipping a cup of tea with book on hand.

Joglo Market Vol.II

It’s a long weekend and had a chance to pay a visit to vintage market. This time, it’s Joglo Market Vol.II held at Joglo Beer, Joglo@Kemang (beside TPU Jeruk Purut). Joglo@Kemang is basically so Javanese. They are divided into few areas – such as Waroeng Solo, Joglo Beer, Balai Sarwono, etc.

Gayo Coffee

Probably the most forward looking cafe in town! Why? They have the coolest way to order food which is by monitor on every table. The interactive monitor screen is not only for their menu, but also contains informations about coffee. It’s not the first time I use a tablet/monitor to order food as some Singapore’s F&B

The People’s Cafe

The People’s Cafe (formerly  named Ismaya Catering Cafe) is a modern-day cafe that is suitable for everyone. It’s the place where customers can have informal meetings, hang out with friends and colleagues, or spend quality time with their family. In Bahasa Indonesia, The People’s Cafe literally means Kafe-nya semua orang. Therefore, I guess, they have several

La Marelle Café & Boutique

Probably the cutest cafe ever! La Marelle which located around Kampong Glam area has the cutest mural art & decoration ever. Had a chance to drop by for a while for a coffee break. Wanted to try their red velvet which people said it’s a must-try dessert here but it’s already sold out 🙁

Djournal Coffee

Djournal Coffee is Djakarta-based coffee purveyor committed to brewing the best coffees available. At Djournal, Coffee is king—but it’s still the relationships with their loyal customers (aka ‘Djournalists’) and their passion for coffee that really keeps them going. Taking their coffee from the best land in Indonesia – such as Sumatera, Java, Sulawesi and Papua