Community Coffee Bintaro

Great food, great coffee, cosy place. What else can you ask for? Oh.. Perhaps, where? It’s Community Coffee which is situated in Bintaro area (opposite Lotte Mart Bintaro). Community Coffee is using a shop-lot which has 2 storey for the coffee shop. The first level has outdoor and indoor while second level is only indoor. Their interior

But First Coffee Jakarta

Finding this gem was half easy and half hard. Even once you found the place itself, you’ll walk inside the place and still wondering where But First Coffee Shop is. Don’t worry just walk all the way in and you’ll find this cosy coffee shop! From the name itself, it’s like a reminder that to

Goni Coffee Kemang

Another hidden gem in Kemang area! As shown in the picture below, Goni Coffee Kemang is situated in the middle of other small shops. From the size of it, yes it is so small. But, never judge a coffee shop by its size! They serve a great coffee and the friendly barista will greet you

Coffee Smith Jakarta

Had a chance to drop by to this coffee shop located in Mampang area. If you do not look closely or not paying attention, you won’t find it because they only have their name written on the window 🙂 First impression of this coffee shop is their big coffee roasting machine followed by their friendly

Filosofi Kopi Melawai

Filosofi Kopi – or (maybe) Coffee Philosophy – is actually a book written by Dewi “Dee” Lestari which then made into a movie. Lately, Filosofi Kopi which located in Melawai (Blok M) area has become the talk of the town following the success of the movie, which is the actual place of the movie.

Suwe Ora Jamu

This place’s name is so traditional javanese. Jamu is a herbal medicine drink and Suwe Ora Jamu means long time no drink the herbal medicine. Javanese people believed that Jamu is great for health such as for a vitamin or literally a medicine when you are sick. I’m not really a fan of jamu as

Nanny’s Pavillon Summarecon Mal Serpong

Nanny’s Pavillon, a conceptual French American restaurant that first opened its door in Bandung, is now opened in Summarecon Mal Serpong with another new concept, FAMILY ROOM! It’s not the first time for them to be in Tangerang area as they also have a branch in Flavor Bliss, Alam Sutera with BARN concept.

Eat Art Loud

For the love of art and food, you should come to this event! Taking place at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town level 5, this event which organised by @ilovebazaarjkt has more than 100 tenants selling various stuff from food, home living, art, hobby, etc. Also, please make sure you bring your BCA credit card along because every payment

Local Fest ID 2.0

Local Fest ID, The biggest urban local creative festival — from art, music,fashion, movie to food is back!! Happening at Grand Indonesia level 5 from 18-21 September 2014. They have more than 120 tenants of F&B such as Sushi Rakyat, BurGreens, Stereo Desserts, KeLaSi, etc. and fashion brands such as Lollitatoo, Ayang Cempaka,  SeliTToes, Shop Deca,