Please Stay

Is it “Why choose to leave if you can stay?” or “Why choose to stay if you can leave?”.

Two can have different feeling, one is leaving and another is staying. In life, people come and go as if we are drop off and pick up point. It can hurt sometimes, it hurts even more when we feel attached to them.

The attachment that we’ve never imagined on the day we met. The pain that we’ve never felt on the day they left. Ironically, the attachment and the pain are based on this not-so-little thing we called love. The love form that allowing them to explore our inner soul is also the reason they walk away from our life – new love.

We begin to think if this is us, them or love? Or is this the current nature of society once the relationship gets too much?

Sometimes it’s too much, too different, too complicated, too hard, too this or too that. We try to understand the situation, we try to fix it with sorrys, but then we’re drowned in the sound of footsteps we used to know is getting further away and the door behind us is closed just like their heart to ours.

And as we’re losing our breath, we say “Please stay”.

We can still feel their presence. Their fingerprints to our skin reminding us that we’ve handed our precious little heart to the owner of that fingerprints, but only to be dropped into pieces.

Perhaps, staying is the imperfect art of life without a touch of commitment. Perhaps, it’s easier to let it stay in pieces so no one can break it. Perhaps, the ones worth keeping are the ones who can barely touch our inner soul. Or perhaps, even if they’re not here to stay, we should just be happy the universe allowed their soul to stop by.

They walked away in times we needed them the most. As much as we’d like to stay in love to them, we have to keep moving on.

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