One fine day at Gorky Park Moscow

Gorky Park Moscow is like the central park of New York. It is considered at Moscow Central Park named after Maxim Gorky. This 120ha area first opened as Central Park of Culture and Leisure on 15 March 1928. It is by a resolution of the Presidium of the Moscow Council, the Agricultural and Handicraft Industries Exhibition to transform this area into Central Park of Culture and Leisure.

In 2011, Gorky Park underwent a major reconstruction. All amusement rides were removed, except for a two deck carousel. It’s all removed in order to transform the place into an eco-friendly recreational zone. Free entry, Wi-Fi coverage, new zones of contemporary design, a well thought-out events program have transformed Gorky Park into one of the epicenters of life in the capital. In order to create something new, it was necessary to clean the park of abandoned buildings, carts, tents, advertising structures and attractions. Renovation of monuments, cleaning the ponds and delivering soil and grass turf started. Gorky Park was transformed in several months, becoming the first Russian park that could now compete with the leading parks of the world.

Nowadays, Gorky Park is the hippest place for youngsters to hangout. You can ride a bike, scooting around, roller-blading or even skateboarding. During the winter, the footpaths are frozen which allow you to ice-skate around the park.

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