Nukoff Coffee House Alam Sutera

Nukoff coffee house serpong

Stumbled upon this coffee house in Alam Sutera. The location is kinda hidden but for some people who live around Serpong area and usually take a shortcut to go to Mall Alam Sutera (making a left turn after Serpong Plaza) then you’ll easily find this coffee house!

Painted in turqoise green color, Nukoff Coffee House so stands out among other shops beside it. This makes it easier to be found 😀

Then, inside, it feels like a mini indoor modern garden with a fake big tree and fake grass. The seating arrangement, you can choose either on the sofa or a stool with long table. Also, they have a smoking seating area at the back.

Coffee wise, it’s very unfortunate that they have no flat white 🙁 so I got myself a Caramel Latte which was too much caramel taste at first but it’s still acceptable 🙂

Nukoff coffee house alam sutera

Coffee shop di alam sutera

Nukoff coffee shop serpong

Nukoff coffee shop alsut

Nukoff coffee alam sutera

Nukoff coffee house serpong

Nukoff Coffee House
Ruko Crystal Lane No.61 Alam Sutera
+62 8777 36 11182


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