Lemongrass Restaurant Bogor

When you visit Bogor, you must really, really, really try Lemongrass Restaurant. Located in the city area, Lemongrass Restaurant is dominated with plants which making this restaurant so cozy, comfy and instagrammable 😀

This restaurant is always crowded especially on the weekend. I visited Lemongrass Restaurant on the weekend before lunch time and it’s already crowded and getting crowded with people queueing during lunch time. Lemongrass Restaurant offers various good food and beverage from Indonesian, Chinese to Western food.

Lemongrass Restaurant has 2 areas, outdoor and 2 levels of semi-indoor. With a lot of plants surrounding the place, dining outdoor during the day is actually a great choice! 🙂

Lemongrass Restaurant
Jalan Padjadjaran No.21
Bogor, Jawa Barat
(+62-251) 832 8800

Opening hours: Daily 10am – 10pm

Instagram: @lemongrassresto

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