Jakarta Comic Con 2015

Comic Con is basically Comic Convention which was invented for all comic fans. Not only comic fans, it can also be any sci-fi movie fans. Comic Con itself has been an annual event in the US. This year, BEC-Tero True Visions, a joint venture company formed by two of Thailand entertainment powerhouses in collaboration with Sozo Ltd. and Megindo, has organised Jakarta Comic Con 2015!

jiexpo kemayoran

In 2014-2015, the Bangkok Comic Con events were massive successes, receiving full co-operation from both the government and private sectors and embraced by comic con partners from around the world and fans nationwide. Building on this momentum, the Bangkok Comic Con team now expands to Indonesia. The event will not only be unmissable for fans but will also be a place for professionals to expand their business connections in the Indonesian entertainment industry and a platform promote to promote content created by producers Indonesia.

Before Jakarta Comic Con, also in 2015 we had Pop Con Asia 2015. Compared to Pop Con Asia which was held at Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta Comic Con’s place is smaller and Comic Con has more focus on Sci-Fi related field. On the same day and the same location (JIExpo Kemayoran), there is also Anime Festival Asia Indonesia (AFA ID). So this weekend is like heaven for cosplayers and all anime comic fans out there!

At Jakarta Comic Con, there are few exciting booths that can’t be missed!

1. HBO Asia

If you are a Game of Thrones fans, YOU MUST COME TO THIS BOOTH. I repeat, you MUST come to this booth. As they have The Iron Throne here! So.. Game of Thrones fans, please take a seat…. as you may feel tired after the long queue to The Iron Throne 😀

Game of Thrones HBO Asia

Other than Game of Thrones, they are also promoting the new series by HBO Asia – Halfworlds! This Halfworlds story is quite interesting. It is inspired by Indonesian mythology creatures and belief that this world has two sides, human and demon. But what makes it different with other demon movies is the demon here dressed up like human except they have tattoos on their body as a demon sign.

jakarta comic con 2015

As the inspiration comes from Indonesian myth creatures, most of the casts are Indonesians, directed by Joko Anwar and the scene is Jakarta. Halfworlds is actually HBO Asia’s original project after Serangoon Road, Dead Mine and Grace. Halfworld’s genre is Thriller, Dark Fantasy and Drama. It is rated for Adult and really not for kids.

So, when can you start to watch this great series? Halfworlds’ premiere will be on November 29 9pm(JKT)/10pm(SG). They’ll have rerun for the entire week (they said so). For the first season, they will have 8 episodes which they have already finished shooting few months ago. I’m so excited to see the pilot! If you are curious about this movie, see the trailer here!

jakarta comic con halfworlds

Jakarta Comic Con 2015 HBO Asia booth
If you are aware of double infinity symbol which becomes popular because of Revenge TV show, will this tattoo be the next “it”?

2. FOX Channels with The Walking Dead

fox channels indonesia booth at jakarta comic con 2015

jakarta comic con 2015

jakarta comic con

fox channels indonesia jakarta comic con 2015

3. Starwars

jakarta comic con
4. Small booths around

Fyi, some local artists at the small booths can do commission works on the spot or pre-order 🙂

jakarta comic con 2015

jakarta comic con 2015

jakarta comic con 2015 jakarta comic con 2015
5. The Main Stage

On Saturday, 3pm. They have casts from Indonesian drama comedy movie – Single. A movie that’s directed and also played by Raditya Dika.

film single

film komedi indonesia 2015

There is always something on stage. Head over here to see full schedule on the main stage.


If you haven’t had chance to visit Jakarta Comic Con on Friday or Saturday, please be sure to be there on Sunday because it’s the last day for this event. Or if you can’t even make it this Sunday (as this is actually a long weekend in Indonesia), mark your calendar for Indonesia Comic Con in November! 🙂

Jakarta Comic Con
Hall C3 JI Expo Kemayoran

25 – 27 September 2015
10am – 10pm

Ticket: IDR 95k for Jakarta Comic Con only or IDR 175k for combo ticket including AFAID (my advise, please buy the ticket online because the queue is crazy to buy ticket on the spot)

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