Future World – Where Art Meets Science

Devoted to the exploration of art, science and the connections between them, ArtScience Museum Singapore has teamed up with teamLab to create Future World. The creative threads by which art and science, technology and culture are inextricably bound are expressed in the immersive, interactive artworks.

Future World is a permanent exhibition in ArtScience Museum. With admission fee of S$17 for foreigners and S$14 for locals, you are invited to see 16 major art installations and interactive projects for adults and children. It is really a place where art, science and technology meet; a realisation of Leonardo da Vinci’s famous maxim, “everything connects”.

The 16 major art installations are divided into 4 themes: nature, town, park and space. Each of which uses cutting-edge science and technology to create constantly evolving environments, which visitors of all ages are invited to enter and explore. They claim your visit to the Future World will be uniquely different as the artworks change with each interactions. The exhibition will also grow and transform over time, with new artworks and attractions adding richness to this stunning digital world.


Future World begins with nature.

In the first gallery, there are three different artworks coincide in one space. There are Flowers and People, Cannot be Controlled but Live together, Ever Blossoming Life II – A Whole Year per Year, Dark, and Flutter of Butterflies Beyond Borders. An immersive world of interactive flora and fauna gently ebbs and flows in tune with the four seasons of the year. The visitors change this world with their presence. The plants and animals which live within this world are in a state of perpetual transformation. The cycle of life, death and rebirth is realised as the seasons change over the course of the year.

future world nature flower and people

future world exhibition nature

The second gallery is 100 Years Sea Animation Diorama. Combining the elegance and beauty of traditional Japanese art with contemporary scientific data, we are also invited to witness the long=term environmental effects of climate change.

future world nature 100 years sea animation diorama

future world exhibition nature 100 years sea animation diorama


It is where the cities made great achievements in art and science. Urban areas offer access to education, jobs, transport and information, as well as a sense of community. In the town section of the exhibition, we become players. First one is Connecting Train Blocks that allows us to develop our own transportation infrastructure.

future world exhibition town game

Second is A Table Where Little People Live. A miniature community, which comes to life as we play with its inhabitants.

future world town

Third is Sketch Town – virtual towns are built and populated with drawing by visitors.

future world exhibition town

Fourth is Media Block Chairs, the raw materials of urban planning are presented, literally and figuratively, as the basic building blocks of the city.future world exhibition town media block chairs

The fifth and the last one is Graffiti Nature, an ecosystem of colourful flora and fauna, created by us by moving freely between town and park.


Where do we play? PARK! This section is filled with playful activity. A place for enjoyment, amusement, pleasure and fun. There are a lot of playful and colourful things in this section. This section contains 5 artworks – Universe of Water Particles, Sketch Aquarium, Light Ball Orchestra, Story of the Time When Gods were Everywhere and Create! Hopscotch for Geniuses. Unfortunately, my camera battery was drained so there are only 2 pictures from this section 🙁
future world exhibition park universe of water particles

future world exhibition park light ball orchestra


The last part of the exhibition. It ends by embarking outward and upward into astronomical space. We are invited to appreciate the beauty and scale of the universe through teamLab’s monumental installation, Crystal Universe.
future world exhibition space

future world space crystal universe

future world exhibition space crystal universe

Future World – Where Art Meets Science
ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands

How to get there?
MRT to Bayfront Station (Circle Line/Downtown Line) with 10 minutes walk or to Promenade Station (Circle Line) with 15 minutes walk
Bus to Bayfront Avenue (97, 97E, 133, 133M, 502, 518 or 106)

Admission fee:
Adult – S$17 (foreigners) & S$14 (locals)
Child – S$10 (foreigners) & S$7 (locals)
Family with 2A and 2C – S$44 (foreigners) & S$35 (locals)

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