Line Friends Store & Cafe Itaewon

Cuteness overload in LINE FRIENDS Cafe! Grab your coffee or breakfast or lunch or just having your dessert and have a seat beside brown or cony!! It’s probably the cutest cafe ever because not only the place is cutely decorated but also the food. Taste wise, the latte I tried was not so bad. They

Line Friends Store & Cafe Seoul

Line Friends Store is the hippest and cutest place in Seoul, Korea. Almost all Line Friends Store comes with the cafe, but some of the cafe is just selling a to-go food. The bigger cafe is usually on their flagship store. There are, apparently, 2 flagship stores in Seoul. The famous one is in Garosu-gil,

An LED Roses Land at Dongdaemun Design Plaza

25,550 LED roses blossom in Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) from now until 29 February 2016. It lits up from sunset (around 5pm during winter) till 10pm. Why 25,550? Because it is 70 times 365. 70 is South Korea’s Birthday and 365 is the number of days in a year which we should be grateful about.

Cafe Majo and Sady Seoul

Have you ever heard of KakaoTalk? It is one of online messaging application like whatsapp and LINE. If LINE has Brown, Cony, Moon, etc. KakaoTalk has Majo and Sady! They even have few cafes in Seoul which selling several beverages like coffee and non-coffee, food like cake and pancake, and few merchandises of Majo, Sady