Things to do in Rome

The last city on my Europe trip is Rome, Italy. Unlike Florence, Rome at least has a bus that we can take to get around. But, like any other city in Italy, there are a lot of pickpockets too here. And in Rome, they act inside the bus. Even the Italian police warned us about

Vatican City

Vatican City is the smallest country in the world with the biggest church in the world too – St. Peter’s Basilica (an Italian Renaissance church). Please wear a proper clothes if you want to go to Vatican City. Some of the places require a proper clothes (no slippers/sandals/shorts). Vatican City also has a tight security,

Your Guide to Explore UK & Europe

People tend to travel to UK & Europe with tour agent, but it can actually be done without one. Travelling to UK & Europe using a tour agent might make your life easier but usually, tour agents from Indonesia doesn’t plan trip UK & Europe. It’s either UK or Europe (West/East). So on the bright