Chili’s Restaurant

Chili’s is a restaurant originally from Dallas, US. Chili’s is an international restaurant, I’ve tried it in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. I used to come to Chili’s quite often when I was a kid in Indonesia, they had the best service for kids ever!! Their signature dish, I can say, is their fajitas. They will

Maison Ikkoku Café

Maison Ikkoku is located at Kandahar Street, Bugis area. It is a lifestyle destination combining a cafĂ© centered on quality coffee by day and a cocktail bar by night. Their place is considered quite tight and can’t really accommodate lots of people. The food is not bad too. Their croque madame is quite good but

The Amazing Umang Island

Situated in Banten province, Umang Island is a small island perfect for your tropical getaway. From Serpong, it took me almost 6 hours to reach Sumur Village which is the only place to use a 5-min speedboat to go to Umang Island due to traffic. By right, it should only be 4.5 hours. At the

Hatched Singapore

Hatched. So egg-y word. And yes, their food’s main ingredient is EGG! You can order your egg any style you like.. from baked, boiled, fried, poached, scrambled, etc. They have 2 locations – Holland Village & Evans Lodge. I went to their Evans Lodge location. To get here, you have to take a cab or

Group Therapy Coffee

Group Therapy is a collective events space housed within a restored shophouse along the gentrified Duxton Road. The space is deliberately tucked away on the 2nd Storey to allow groups to gather and seek respite in the heart of the CBD. The place itself is not too big but cosy enough for meeting or girly

Christmas in Ho Chi Minh

Formerly named Saigon, Ho Chi Minh is the largest city in Vietnam. As a Jakartan, I think this city is more or less almost the same as Jakarta in terms of traffic and the city condition. At the traffic light, you have to be careful with the amount of motorbike. It has a large amount of