Pigeonhole Coffee Bintaro

Why Pigeonhole Coffee? I think because it’s located near┬áPigeon Street. This small cute looking coffeeshop is really the “IT” place if you’re going around Bintaro area! There are few cute photo spots in this cafe as well as Kinfolk and Frankie Magazines #simplybecauseitscurrentlyamust Coffee wise, Pigeonhole Coffee doesn’t have Flat White but their cappuccino is

Indonesia Comic Con 2015

The wait is over! Indonesia Comic Con 2015 is here! Happening in Jakarta Convention Centre from 14 – 15 November 2015. This is the third pop convention I attended this year. First was PopCon Asia 2015, followed by Jakarta Comic Con 2015. My favourite is still PopCon Asia 2015! Comic Con is originally from San

One Day Trip Kepulauan Seribu

If you’re looking for a short daily trip with a limited budget, you should consider this One Day Trip Kepulauan Seribu which includes Kelor Island, Onrust Island and Cipir Island. These 3 small islands were used by the Dutch as their fortress (in Pulau Kelor and Pulau Onrust), barrack haji in Onrust Island, hospital in