Hong Kong in December

Despite how the locals like to scold people, Hong Kong is still one of a good destination for food hunting and shopping. I spent a few days in Hong Kong for New Year and my another first impression this time was WHY ALL THESE HONG KONGERS ARE GETTING WORSE AND MORE SHORT TEMPERED compared to

Lab Made Nitrogen Ice Cream

With their tagline, “This is ice cream reinvented”, Lab Made Nitrogen Ice Cream is just different with usual ice cream. Nitrogen ice cream is currently heading towards “almost booming” kind of ice cream. As it is located near my hotel, I decided to try it. Also, since this is still Christmas season plus currently winter

Australia Dairy Company

Wanna have breakfast western style in Hong Kong? Yes, you surely can! This is probably the most happening breakfast spot in town! I came here around 07:30am and it’s already full house and medium queue outside. I have like around 10 people in front of my queue spot when I arrived. The place is always