Your Guide to The Best Coffee Shop in Serpong

As a resident in the area and coffee people, I’m glad to see a lot of new coffee shops open. Not all coffee shops have a great coffee, some of them is just selling cozy place to hangout. But, thankfully there are still some coffee shops managed to have great coffee and great ambiance. I

Five Times Coffee

If you’re working around Gading Serpong and looking for your daily dose of caffeine, this is the place!! They open the earliest compared to other coffee shops around and close the earliest too. Located just opposite of Sinpasa Modern Market, Five Times Coffee has (I think almost) all coffee beans from around Indonesia. Just look

Monomania Coffee House

Another newly opened coffee shop! Monomania Coffee House also offers few coffee beans from around the world. When I paid a visit, they have Purple Haze beans which taste sooo fruity and I love it! Monomania Coffee House is opened by a lovely lady who is also a passionate coffee lover! She worked in coffeeshop

Porto Bistreau Gading Serpong

I assume, everyone knew or heard or tried Nanny’s Pavillon? This new resto is under the same group with Nanny’s Pavillon! No wonder the decoration looks so cute 😀 They also have 2 levels here with smoking area in each floor. Porto Bistreau is the new western dining place that just opened few weeks ago.

Tobi’s Coffee and Tea Gading Serpong

Located in L’Agricola area, Tobi’s Coffee and Tea – just like its name – served coffee, tea and also chocolate! Everything from the specialist, they really do serve great beverages. I had a chance to try their house blend (Ethiopia &  Java Pasundan) during my visit and it was AMAZING on my flat white. By the

Flow Coffee Gading Serpong

Flow Coffee is not part of the new comer in Gading Serpong. It’s been a while but I just got a chance to pay a visit! First thing I noticed when I walked in was “where is the coffee machine?”. Yea, they put the coffee machine at the back due to water pipe issue 😀

Algorithm Coffee Serpong

Great coffee shop alert! This new coffee shop, Algorithm Coffee & Dessert, has a great coffee and cosy ambiance! Decorated mostly in black and white, makes it look simple and minimalist yet classy at the same time. Other than coffee, they also have various dessert like Carrot Cake, Cupcake, Lava Cake, etc which look so fluffy

Fingertalk Cafe & Workshop Pamulang

When we can’t do something, it doesn’t mean we can’t do anything. Each one of us has our own gift. God is always fair and square; He will still make you able to do something excellent despite your weakness. What is Fingertalk Cafe? It is a deaf cafe and workshop with their mission to give

Grab Me Coffee Serpong

Coffee shops is really the hippest place now. It’s really everywhere. Not every coffee shop offers a great coffee. Some coffee shops only offer a cosy place to hang out. Some coffee shops offer an acceptable coffee taste and cosy place. Like this one, Grab Me Coffee located at Pasar Modern Paramount Serpong. As usual,

The Amazing Umang Island

Situated in Banten province, Umang Island is a small island perfect for your tropical getaway. From Serpong, it took me almost 6 hours to reach Sumur Village which is the only place to use a 5-min speedboat to go to Umang Island due to traffic. By right, it should only be 4.5 hours. At the