Plain Vanilla Bakery

The most famous cupcake in town might be Twelve Cupcakes with branches everywhere in Singapore, but personally I love the cupcake from Plain Vanilla Bakery which located at Yong Siak Street, a street filled with cafés in Tiong Bahru area. They’re not only selling cupcakes but they also have others such as brownie, tart, etc.

Forty Hands Coffee

Located quite in the corner, you won’t miss this place as you’ll always see quite a queue outside. Compared to other cafés in Yong Siak Street, this café is probably the most crowded – especially on the weekend brunch. People said Forty Hands is one of few cafés that has the best coffee in Singapore

The Book Cafe

A book-themed café that offers a relaxed ambience and casual dining on an extensive cosmopolitan menu that reflects modern dietary trends. Their food can be included in the healthy choice section and their place is really heaven for those really like reading books! Located at the Martin Road which is away from the hustle and bustle of

Afternoon Tea Buffet at 10 Scotts

The perfect restaurant for your leisurely afternoon tea! Located on the lobby level of Grand Hyatt Singapore, 10 SCOTTS exudes an aura of elegance and relaxation with its contemporary yet classic décor complemented by a breathtaking view of the cascading waterfall. 10 SCOTTS is the address for that business coffee meeting, perfect afternoon tea or leisurely

Privé Café

Everyone knows Singapore is a very small tiny country. There is only one state, one city. Sometimes, I really want to get out from the city crowd and go somewhere quieter and peaceful. Well.. I found it! This is just the place. It’s still in Singapore but it doesn’t really feel like in Singapore. Located

Medzs Simply Mediterranean

Went to MEDZS for food testing – no idea what it was but.. Let me present you with 7 decadent sins from MEDZS, one of mediterranean restaurant in Singapore! The 7 decadent sins is pairing 7 devilish (but delicious) desserts with 7 sinful (but great) cocktails. The chef behind this brilliant idea explained on how to enjoy

Chili’s Restaurant

Chili’s is a restaurant originally from Dallas, US. Chili’s is an international restaurant, I’ve tried it in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. I used to come to Chili’s quite often when I was a kid in Indonesia, they had the best service for kids ever!! Their signature dish, I can say, is their fajitas. They will

Pique Nique

The word originally from French which means picnic in english. Picnic is excursion or outing in which the participants carry food with them and share a meal in the open air. That’s the whole idea of this restaurant which has 2 locations – at Takashimaya and JCube. I went to their JCube outlet while waiting for

Maison Ikkoku Café

Maison Ikkoku is located at Kandahar Street, Bugis area. It is a lifestyle destination combining a café centered on quality coffee by day and a cocktail bar by night. Their place is considered quite tight and can’t really accommodate lots of people. The food is not bad too. Their croque madame is quite good but

Evening Cocktail @ SKYE

Located in the heart of the city, on the 56th floor rooftop of BCA Tower – Grand Indonesia, Thamrin, SKYE is established to be a “Lifestyle Resort in The Sky” and an iconic landmark for the city, providing a unique atmosphere for a quick getaway for Jakartans from their daily hectic lives. With its unique Southern-American