Before I die I want to…

Someone said, “Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” And I can’t agree more with it.

Sometimes, we are too busy with our work chased by deadlines and forget how to balancing our life.

There is this project by Candy Chang ( which can make everyone stop and think about their life. This project started from her thought after she lost her loved one.

“It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and forget what really matters to you. After I lost someone I loved very much, I thought about death a lot. This helped clarify my life, the people I want to be with, and the things I want to do, but I struggled to maintain perspective. I wondered if other people felt the same way. So with help from old and new friends, I painted the side of an abandoned house in my neighborhood in New Orleans with chalkboard paint and stenciled it with a grid of the sentence “Before I die I want to _______.” Anyone walking by could pick up a piece of chalk, reflect on their lives, and share their personal aspirations in public space.”

Reading the story behind this project, my busy mind stops for a while and think. What do I want to do especially when life is (considered) short?

Life isn’t only about having fun and doing unproductive things.
Life isn’t what it is but how we create it.
Life isn’t always about ourselves.
Life is about others too, how impactful we are and be a blessing for them.

Just my 2 cents 😉

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