8oz Coffee Studio Malang

Just 2 hours drive from Surabaya, you will then arrive in Malang. My coffee hunting doesn’t stop eventhough I’m not in a big city. One of the hippest and famous coffeeshop in Malang is 8oz Coffee Studio. It is really worth a try!

Why is the name 8oz Coffee Studio? 8oz is actually a standard coffee size in a cup which is 8 ounce. Other than that, 8 is tied with infinity and prosperity sign while oz is identical with Australia which is where the owner stayed for some time.

8oz Coffee Studio is located by the small road. Well, not too small as car can still fit in the road though. With a combination of traditional meets modern feel, I’m pretty sure 8oz Coffee Studio will always be your first choice to have a meeting at or just a weekend hangout.

Speaking of weekend hangout, I did some observation during my trip to Surabaya & Malang for a few times. The youngsters don’t really go to coffeeshops during the weekend compared to youngsters in Jakarta. It can be seen by how empty the coffeeshops are during the weekend, again compared to coffeeshops in and around Jakarta.

(1/3) Sweet galore from @8ozcoffeestudio

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(2/3) If my life had a flavour, it would be coffee.

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(3/3) Coffee and cocoa are perfect blend

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(2/3) Shoes, Coffee and Chair

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8oz Coffee Studio
Jl. Citandui No 74

Opening hours:
Monday closed
Tuesday – Sunday 08:00 – 22:00

Instagram: @8ozcoffeestudio

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