7 Essential Life Lessons I learned in 2014

It’s the final month of the year. The last 31 days in 2014. Well, every ending is the new beginning. This year, I have to end a lot of things and start a new chapter of life. And these are the 7 essential life lessons I learned in 2014:

1. Life is a bitch

Life always has a privilege to drive your plan the other way round and gives you a roller-coaster ride. And yes, it’s a bitch. But hey, if life isn’t a bitch, where is the fun? Just remember, when your plan A fails, there are 25 more alphabets. Unexpected things will always happen in life, just be prepared.

2. Keep some things only to yourself

In this social world, we are now encouraged to share “what’s in your mind?” and “what are you doing?”. People intend to share everything! Allow certain things only to be yours. Actually, only few people care about your best interest of heart.

3. Stop comparing

Never ever compare your behind the scene with others’ highlights or your work in progress with others’ showreel. When you never walk in their shoes, you’ll never know what they’ve been through.

4. Less is more

Everyone will come to the time where you realise that few closest friends are so much better than thousands friends. Having hundreds friends in a year is easy, but having a friend for hundred years is hard.

5. Be grateful

There is always something to be grateful for. A simple gratitude can make a difference. Believe it or not, it’s the truth!

6. Forgive yourself

For failing, for taking the wrong step, for falling to the wrong person and for giving yourself a permission to do it again.

7.  Believe that everything’s gonna be okay

Keep the positive spirit up! No matter what happens and no matter how bitchy life is, in the end everything’s gonna be okay. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.


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